Karmen Murn

Karmen Murn is an experienced youth worker with her expertize mostly on the intercultural education, tolerance and human rights, youth research, project management and other education for youth and youth workers. In the last few years she has mostly mentored youth workers finding their youth work style and is focusing on the development and quality as well as the impact of the youth work. She has been active in youth work since 2005.

Darjan Bunta

Darjan Bunta is an experienced youth worker and lecturer. His knowledge is mostly oriented in the creativity and entrepreneurship of young people with focus on project management and practical use of social media and form/design.

Antonio Britvar

Antonio Britvar is a young educator, international youth leader and multimedia engineer focused on international web, graphic design and user experience design projects. His latest work involves creating multimedia content for elementary and high school curriculums as well as designing and co-leading youth festival and educational programs. Analogue by birth and digital by design, he is an avid tech, science fiction and language aficionado.

Nils Leichsenring

Nils Leichsenring is an international youth leader, supporting young people mostly in the field of finding and developing personal creativity and competence building. He is an expert in creative writing and storytelling. His recent focus is on developing multiple intelligences with other international partners and bringing more sport and creative activities in youth work.

David Jovanović

David Jovanović is an award-winning film director and producer. He is obviously a big fan of film and his creativity is most often expressed in motion picture and through the camera lenses. He is also excellent in critical thinking and humour and is an avid amateur chef.

Ákos Zeleny

Ákos Zeleny is an animator and visual artist organizing various workshops and short film festivals since 2016. He combines his experiences in animation and design with non-formal education, mostly focusing on the on E-Learning Development and Children Workshop Development.

Gonçalo Neves Cruz

Gonçalo Neves Cruz is a filmmaker you'll always find creating stories. His studio Ladio Films, helps sustainable businesses reach their audience with the right message. He uses film and graphic design to help other storytellers create their content. If you see someone riding a bike in the heaviest rain, it's probably him. He works and lives in Portugal.

Urška Pavlovič

Urška Pavlovič enjoys exploring life and the world. She adores youth work because it fulfils her dreams and enables her to help others (young people) realise theirs. The non-formal and informal world of education is a dream playground where individuals support each other, listen, respect and grow, and at the same time constantly learning. She started as a volunteer, continued as a mentor to young people, manager of international projects (youth exchanges, training courses, ESC/exEVS projects), and now she is a nationally qualified youth worker. Urška is also a versatile artist, further enhancing her coaching approach. Her moto is "Be who you needed when you were younger".

Irena Ivnik

Irena Ivnik has been a youth leader for several years. She has been a part of different youth projects like youth exchanges or as a mentor and guide to EVS volunteers. She is regularly improving herself as a youth worker and is attending different national and international seminars and trainings. Her greatest asset is empathy and personal approach to young people.

Adnan Vrebac

Adnan Vrebac is an international youth educator with the vast experiences in leadership of individuals and groups as well as development and implementation of trainings for young people and for youth workers. He has also experiences in social education, youth theatre education and intercultural learning, mostly in the international field of youth work.