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Capacity Building Project: Youth Runner

Journey through learning in youth work. And what a journey this has been! As an international youth worker, I came across many different approaches in youth work. Some were very topic-oriented, which means they use different methods to address certain topic. On the other hand, some organisations are very method-oriented, which means they would always use…
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Youth exchange: Image for Change

Image for change was a youth exchange about hate speech, social inequality, homophobia, and gender discrimination. Participants from Italy, Ireland, Finland, and Slovenia used theatre, movie making and dance to explore the topics. We used some experiential exercise first to introduce the topic and the rest of the day was dedicated to production of the movies,…
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Youth exchange: No Bad Religion

The world is still divided and religions are one of the topics that mostly divide it. We were a part of the international youth exchange which used the theater to explore two major religions (Christianity and Islam). Participants from Germany, Morocco, Portugal, Poland, Georgia, Italy and Slovenia raised awareness about the values, ethics and empathy…
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