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Strategic Partnership: Belonging to Nature

Did you know that being in nature or even just observing nature through a window can reduce stress, anger and fear? Nature has a very big influence on our body, emotions and mind, so it is very important that nature becomes the best possible friend. This strategic partnership project will help youth workers and young…
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Strategic partnership: Reflector

The final part of every non-formal learning should be a proper reflection. What do we reflect? How do we reflect? What to do with the reflection findings? But mostly, how to support such reflection? The results of our project can help youth workers to facilitate the learning processes of their young people. We have created…
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Strategic parnership: Ignite Your Skills

Download the Book of Skills in your language at http://iys.ambitia.eu or by clicking the image below! Project Ignite Your Skills is a strategic partnership between young people and youth workers for development of some youth friendly self-assessment tools, while being a part of the youth work and non-formal learning. If you were ever a part…
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