Youth exchange: Water

We can only survive few days without water and according to the latest research, only 1% of the Earth`s water is usable. It is time to learn that we cannot live without water. We also need to learn that we are a part of the ecosystem and we need to understand we cannot exist outside the environment. Our project aimed to develop sense of responsibility not to make our environment worse for the future generations, but to try and make it better. We will also focused to develop new skills and competences through activities on the youth exchanges we simply called WATER. We were happy to spend some time near the Soča river, went to discover the mystic world of the caves and admired the force of the Adriatic Sea. All to be able to express the love we have for water in our street theatre performance, flash mob and other art products.

We are happy to have such great partners from Germany, Finland and Greece. Till we meet again.

Youth exchange was supported by the Erasmus + programme and happened in February 2020 in Slovenia.

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