Youth exchange: Telling EUr Story

Five young girls from Slovenia, who had never met before, found themselves on a youth exchange program in Italy. Each girl was passionate about storytelling and were eager to learn from each other. The girls quickly became friends and were fascinated at the different ways they all told stories. One girl shared her stories through conversation, another through theatre plays, and yet another through music. They even experimented with drawing and painting to tell stories. As they explored different ways of storytelling, the girls realized that different people can tell the same story differently and in different ways, because they tell it from different perspectives. The girls shared their stories and experiences with one another, and after a few weeks, the youth exchange program ended. The girls parted ways but remained friends and stayed in touch. They promised to share stories with each other from their different corners of the world. The experience of meeting these five girls, learning about storytelling, and exchanging stories in Italy, was one the girls would never forget.

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