Youth exchange: Building Up Myself

Project Building Up Myself was a collaboration between partners from Spain, Italy, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia and Germany. Project prepared youth workers for the proper support to young people who are inspired to create their own youth exchange experiences. Youth leaders participated in the training course that happened in Slovenia in 2022. They have mostly learned about the nonformal learning and project management.

In the continuation of the project, we prepared a youth exchange about the mental health, where youth leaders prepared the programme. They helped young participants digging into topics of self-reflection, motivation, recognition and management of emotions as well as detecting supporting environment for their personal and professional growth. On the last day of the youth exchange, we guided young people to start planning their own youth exchange which was the last part of the project. The topic was the same but we encouraged them to create their own programme. Both youth exchanges were made in Germany. Huge hug to the partners from Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Serbia and Slovenia!

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Project has been supported by the programme Erasmus +.