Training course: The Key to NFL

The concept of learning in youth work is still developing and we believe it needs to be  better understood. Non-formal learning has been recognised as one of the top priorities in the EU Youth Strategy and has been supported by the Youth in Action and Erasmus + programme for the last 20 years. In this time Youthpass and Key Competences were developed to support the recognition and validation of the outcomes of the non-formal learning.

The aim of the training course is to help participants to develop competences to facilitate diverse and meaningful non-formal learning processes in international youth work.
This training course will focus on three major pillars:
– The importance of recognising yourself as a learner. Participants will be able to reflect on their own learning process and in this way become more aware of different learning preferences and needs in their youth work.
– The importance of non-formal learning in youth work. Participants will be able to develop a better understanding of the non-formal learning concept, learn new methods and reflect on the role of Youthpass.
– The importance of the supporting role of the youth worker. Participants will be able to reflect on their own competences as a youth worker and on how to create a proper learning environment for young people.



Training course will happen in October 2021 in Slovenia and has been supported by the Erasmus + programme.