Training course: Equality in Network

The aim of the "Equality in the Network" training course was to bring together  youth workers and other non-formal education professionals to reflect and share their difficulties, good practices and strategies  to foster a more effective collaboration with formal educators and other stakeholders. While tackling pressing social issues like segregation, isolation, alienating hedonism and cultural conflicts, often predominant in large metropolis, especially in the post-COVID era, it is important to recognize that a multidimensional approach to education is crucial, as it is shown to help prevent school failure, social maladjustment, and low job qualifications. It is required that the different dimensions of education complement each other in the same synergy, offering the socio-educational responses that youth need for training, inclusion and socio-labour training, which guarantee more equality.

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During our stay in Badalona, we have visited several local NGO's and explored their methods and good practices aimed at including young people that are facing socio-economical challenges. We have also attended a presentation of L4S method of working with young adults at the University of Barcelona.


This meeting provided a valuable opportunity to exchange knowledge and establish networks for ongoing cooperation, ultimately striving for more inclusive and effective educational practices that benefit young people worldwide.

Project was supported by Erasmus + programme.