Strategic partnership: Reflector

The final part of every non-formal learning should be a proper reflection. What do we reflect? How do we reflect? What to do with the reflection findings? But mostly, how to support such reflection?

The results of our project can help youth workers to facilitate the learning processes of their young people. We have created an app REFLECTOR for youth workers to use to engage young people with an online tool. Reflector isĀ available on App Store and Google Play for free and offers different methods one can use in traditional way or use some innovative online solutions and proposals. We love it already! If you need to read more about REFLECTION, then check our product about reflection and the methods.

Front page Reflector

Our partners in the project are Vitatiim from Estonia, Basilikata Link from Italy, Experimentaculo from Portugal and VALO from Finland. Project finished in August 2022 and has been supported by the Erasmus + programme.