Strategic Partnership: Greendex

Erasmus + projects promote the learning and personal and professional development of young people and youth workers. Due to its focus on international mobility, the program also contributes to a large carbon footprint. All project partners are long-term users of the Erasmus + program. For many years we have been silently observing our own organization as well as the many other organizations and their young people enthusiastically traveling to youth exchanges, trainings, and other international projects. Very often, if not always, the trip involves air travel, huge amounts of plastic bags we use in the packaging, unused food, plastic bottles etc. The project enabled young people and youth workers to communicate that it is time to review our ecological habits by making them aware that they still have a lot of room for improvement. 


In this project, we created a website GREENDEX, which consists of many information, knowledge, and inspiration.:

  • You can find Tips and tricks for your sustainable life and workplace.
  • There is a huge Library that offers more to study.
  • However, the main part for sure is the Carbon footprint calculator for the mobility activities within Erasmus + programme.

In this project, over 150 trees were planted to launch our vision of the Erasmus + forest.

IMG-4619 IMG-4632


Apart from Ambitia Institute, partners of the project are CJ Amarante from Portugal, Plan Be from Cyprus and Anatta Foundation from the Netherlands.

Project has been supported by Movit.