Strategic Partnership: Birds & Bees

Birds & Bees was a project focusing on sexual education in youth work. Partners from Slovenia, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Portugal developed a website with crucial information and useful practices for youth workers. Over 39 youth workers have participated in one or both of our training courses in Slovenia and Germany. Here are the products we have created during our project:

  • Content: Offering vast knowledge and information regarding sexual education, available in Slovenian (SI) and English (EN).
  • Manual: A guide with selected methods used during the training courses, available in SI and EN.
  • Educational Cards: These cards offer reflection and challenges for young people. One side presents a question or challenge for the learner, while the other side provides an explanation for the facilitator. Available for download in SI and EN.
  • Assessment Questions: These questions offer moments of reflection on adequate sexual education for youth workers, mentors, facilitators, trainers, and other educators. Available in SI and EN.
  • Additional Resources: A compilation of other useful resources is available on the PADLET we have created.

For more information and to access all our products in other languages, visit our website Birds and Bees.

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Project has been supported by Erasmus + programme.