Positive Mental Health

Positive psychology (PP) is a relatively new branch of psychology that offers an effective framework to promote a sustainable development of flourishing and mental health of youth. PP uses scientific understanding and effective non-formal interventions to aid in the active promotion of optimal personal development rather than treating mental illness. Typical topics of interest are: positive emotions (compassion, gratitude, joy), values, strengths & talents, resilience and intrinsic motivation.

During the practical training course we will learn how we can enhance the intrinsic motivation of youth through the use of the Self-Determination Theory (SDT). This widely used theory has proven effective and offers a framework that explains intrinsic motivation as an outcome of an experienced sense of autonomy, relatedness and competence within the individual. An increased level of intrinsic motivation to personal development of youth will enhance their empowerment and sense of mastery over the course of their own life, which will contribute to enhanced levels of mental health.

Project will be held for 8.9. - 14.9.2019 in Cortemilia, Italy and will be lead by our very experienced partners from Anatta Foundation. Participation fee: 75 EUR.