Strategic parnership: Ignite Your Skills

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Project Ignite Your Skills is a strategic partnership between young people and youth workers for development of some youth friendly self-assessment tools, while being a part of the youth work and non-formal learning. If you were ever a part of any type of international youth project, within the Erasmus + funding, then you have probably heard of Youthpass certificate and 8 Key Competences as categories or subjects for learning and reflecting new skills and values. Some youth workers are able to name them, some even know how to explain each competence, but rarely can understand them or use them properly. And if youth workers are not properly equipped, how can we expect young people to learn and adopt them?

There are plenty of texts written about the Youthpass and 8 Key Competences, but they use either to formal language or the texts just simply are too long. We live in the time, where young people don’t read anything that has more characters as Twitter and they always go straight to video tutorials when the need for advice arises.

And this gave us an idea!  Let’s make VIDEO TUTORIALS for each Key Competence. Let’s explain what each competence is all about and motivate young people to reflect and to go read more if they want. Let’s developed youth work to be up to date with the reactions and needs of young people. The questions were: what are 8 Key Competences and how can one person make easier self-assessment about his learning, while being a part of youth project. Results of the project are therefore video tutorials and self-assessment diary, we call The Book of Skills to be used during youth exchanges.

We planned our project in several parts to achieve the production of the results and to disseminate them as wide as possible. First, we have learnt all about Youthpass, self-assessment and reflections and 8 Key Competences from the documents done by European Commission, and followed by a seminar and some practices that made participants understand the learning process better. Production phase begun in October in Portugal, where the first test videos were made and additional research was done to produce the diary (The Book of Skills) and was followed by two activities in Germany.

Stories and movies have successfully been produced, The Book of Skills is finished with development and promotional campaign is on the rise. We are disseminating our results (videos and diaries) by May 2018, so be aware of deliciously ambitious Ignite Your Skills products. Our communication is most visible on Facebook site Ignite Your Skills. Just follow the Lighthouse we use as the logotype, because it symbolizes knowledge, learning reflection and guidance. You can also check our progress in the making of video above or also on our Facebook site Ignite Your Skills or Ambitia Institute.

Project has been approved and funded by programme Erasmus+. Partners of the project are amazing people of Hrvatski filmski savez, Croatia, Casa de Juventude de Amarante, Portugal, Jugendkulturarbeit e.V., Germany and Gombolyag Foundation, Hungary.