Strategic Partnership: Emotional Intelligence in Youth Work

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize and cope with one's own feelings and emotions as well as with the feelings and emotions of other people. At a time of great technological expansion and extensive exchange of information, we don`t focus enough on our emotional well-being. Youth workers are challenged with groups of young people who have difficulty recognizing their emotions and controlling them. There is an increase in frustration, a lack of empathy and motivation, etc. with young people.

This project has deepened into the theoretical background of emotional intelligence and explored the various aspects of this topic. We have prepared several articles describing emotional intelligence through various approaches such as nature, economy, art, body movement, politics, employability, youth work and more. They offer an overview of emotional intelligence and offer you guidance for further reading and further study.

In addition, we created a PUBLICATION that provides the framework of our project. This publication is written for you to understand our experiences and the path we have developed. We have also prepared a compendium of supporting ARTICLES about the emotional intelligence and how the knowledge has been used in real life. The project has created with more than 60 practices that we have accumulated in our many years of experience with youth work and offers you different approaches to emotional intelligence, hence MANUAL. These practices were tested on more than 250 young people and youth workers, and their feedback was very positive. We have created a training syllabus that will be implemented by all partners in the future. Follow the topics of emotional intelligence or add them to @eqinyouthwork.

Project has been approved and funded by programme Erasmus +. Partners of the project are ambitious people of Limina organisation, Austria, Youth4Youth, Italy, Jugendkulturarbeit e.V., Asociacion Cultural Euroaccion Murcia, Spain and Stichting Anatta Foundation, Netherlands.