Capacity Building Project: Youth Runner

Journey through learning in youth work. And what a journey this has been! As an international youth worker, I came across many different approaches in youth work. Some were very IMG-1456topic-oriented, which means they use different methods to address certain topic. On the other hand, some organisations are very method-oriented, which means they would always use the same methodology such as theatre or media in order to ignite learning process in young people. In the project Youth Runner we had been observing both approaches, because we wished to learn more about both approaches and compare the impact of both youth work styles. During this process, we have participated in the study visit in Kabitaka School in Solwezi, organized a youth exchange for young people in Germany and implemented our newly acquired knowledge and experiences to youth workers on a training course in Slovenia. This was by far the longest journey for us so far.

You can learn more from us by reading our manual: YOUTH RUNNER - Journey Through learning in Youth Work or by checking out our CANDY WISDOM videos.

Our project is a partnership between the Ambitia Institute, Zavod za mladino in šport Trbovlje, both from Slovenia, Jugendkulturarbeit from Germany, Sentinel Kabitaka School from Zambia and Croatian Film Association from Croatia. The project has been supported by the Erasmus + programme.