Youthful Budapest

Youthful Budapest

I believe Budapest is the best town to do the youth work within the non-formal education.

Here are few reasons for it that I have learnt in my few years’ relationship with Budapest as youth worker and as tourist:

  • Tolerance
  • Democracy
  • Human right
  • Creativity and culture
  • Team building.

There are plenty of monuments or symbols you can direct you're young people to see and ask them to reflect on. In my opinion tolerance can be addressed the best by taking them to Liberty Square (Szabadság Tér) to visit a monument Memorial for victims of Nazi era (photo 1), where they learn more about Nazism and later to the Synagogue on the Dohány street (photo 2). Tell them the story about the Jews in Budapest and make them soak in the memories in grief and in forgiveness people left behind on that square. Make them make their own Remembrance exhibition on the tolerance.

Democracy is best talked about on the Memento Park where there is still a glimpse to the era of socialism. Think of totalitarianism, impact it made on people, philosophy behind it and reflect the benefits that democracy is bringing. Go see parliament and talk about the different ways democracy works.

Human rights are best to talk about while taking participants to Keleti train station. Here is where the European refugee story came to be the most visual. Show them photos and or films. And talk about the situations in the world. Don't hold back. Talk about hidden theories and conspiracies. Let participants understand it is their time to form an opinion on their own that is based on different information. Let them tell you their solutions for the future world.

Budapest is not just politics and hard history. Budapest offers also a place for creativity and culture. She has a hidden life of statues all over the city. Make participants explore the town and find different statues and make a photo story about any topic you want staring just statues of Budapest. (photo 4).

But explore Budapest on your own, make friends; find inspiration, because there is plenty of it hidden on every corner of the town and enjoy.

@Karmen Murn

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