Untraditional approaches in youth work

Untraditional approaches in youth work

Youth work has been changing a lot in the last years. Not only is expanding, but also faces the need to change, to adapt and to find new solutions, new approaches and new methods. Let us introduce you to three rather unusual methods we use in our work to achieve the maximum potential of the young people and to offer full support.

Learning Coaching is unique solution and support for solving your personal and/or professional problems and challenges. It is a method that is only in recent time been used also in the youth work. It is intended for individuals who are interested in personal development, but also for parents, teachers and other experts who work with young people on daily basis and have a desire to achieve better communication, understanding, concentration at work, autonomy of the person they work with as well as autonomy of their own person.

I would highly recommend methods of the Learning Coaching to pupils who have problems concentration while learning, feel lack of motivation or they simply want to gain extra skills and knowledge for faster and easier learning.

So how does it work? There are different techniques for memory improving, mental training for reduction of the anxiety or stress before the tests or public performance, techniques to develop internal motivation, some elements of hypnosis etc. We use different cards, questionnaires and guide individual or a group through the process towards the goal they want to achieve.

We tried several elements of the Coaching in our daily youth work, especially when our activities are result oriented projects or where some parts of the activity demands special personal approach of the young participants. Coaching should be done by professional, which has been trained to execute these methods.

Hypnotherapy is often accepted with a bit of fear or discomfort which is the result of the ancient stereotypes and use hypnosis to solve plenty of your problems such as depression,  relaxation, learning habits, stress control, improvement of the self-esteem, motivation, getting rid of fear and to control emotions. This is a gentle and safe technique, which is result oriented and so, totally adjusted to the needs of the hypnotised person. We use it, when young people want to change some habits or to release some anxiety. Sure it is funny at the beginning, but it is nicer when you see results.

Transactional Analysis is the scientific theory about human and personal development. It is used to understand mentality, communication and relationships between people. We used it to help young people work on their personal develop, but also to get rid of anxiety, stress and depression, feeling of emptiness, traumas, troubles in communication, understanding how the world works etc. We define disturbing factor in the young people’s lives to either illuminate or modify them and to change disturbing patterns of behaviour. These methods are mostly used with young people with fewer opportunities and should be done by professional psychotherapist.

There are two certified hypnotherapists working in our institute and are offering their professional services to you as well. One of them is also a licensed psychotherapist and a Coach. Enjoy exploring new ideas on how to make youth work richer and more effective.

@Helena Požun
@Karmen Murn

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