Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

If you call yourself a proper worker then you have definitely asked yourself: “How the #@$# can I make a Youthpass presentation less boring?” Am I right?

We tried different approaches and different solutions, but this one is by far the most interesting one so far. We have combined the well-known game of Treasure Hunt where participants of the youth exchange get to know the town, with 8 key competences. First we divided participants in the smaller international groups of three to six people per group and then we gave them 8 tasks to do.

  1. Learn three words in the other languages that all start with the same letter as your name and use them in a sentence. This task corresponds with the competence in the foreign language.


  1. Find a person that speaks your language in the town and ask them what they love the most about the town or something about the topic of the youth exchange. This corresponds with the mother tongues competence.


  1. Find one special cultural monument in the town, make them make a group selfie in front of it and learn significance from the locals. This addresses the cultural competence.


  1. Everyone has some hidden talents or skills. Each one should teach the others in the group their special skills or talents. We put this activity under the innovative and creative competence.


  1. Next we send participants to the city garden. They are instructed to find Latin names for the plants in the garden.


  1. To talk about social and civic competence we ask participants to search for one of the town’s legends or historical facts and explain why it is important for the town.


  1. To address the learning to learn competence, each participant has to come up with the list of things they want to learn on the project and plan how they want to learn it.


  1. The last competence we work on is digital competence for we ask participants to document all their tasks and to give us a short digital presentation about their Quest.

Needless to say that participant enjoyed every step on the way and they gave us feedback how to make it even better as we started this game. We marked each task with the score from 1 to 3 points and we awarded the best group with a cake which was big enough for all to eat it.  We showed the official video of Youthpass at the end of the project and the good thing is all participants were already aware about the eight key competences. We also measured 150% of increase on Youthpass from the youth exchanges where we only used the regular presentations. So try it! Make it personal and let us know how it went.

@Karmen Murn

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