About Us

About Ambitia

Established as an institute for the development of youth work our activities started in 2012. Our main focus has been the encouragement of young people in order to nurture and grow their own innovative ideas. Guided by our international team, some of these young people were carrying out local, national, and international projects. Others grabbed the opportunity to boost their entrepreneurial skills by establishing their own businesses.

While our network of partners was growing all over Europe, we became more and more aware of the complexity of learning process. Learning should not be reserved just for young people. We believe that learning should be an essential part of everybody's life regardless of age, status, gender, nationality, religion etc.

Today our ambitious team is multidisciplinary supporter of non-formal learning processes. Our portfolio includes various possibilities to develop skills and competences for individuals and teams.

We are using your curiosity and your creativity to individualize your learning experience… Be ambitious with us!

Our services in detail:

  • Non-formal learning
    • seminars
    • training courses
    • mentorship
    • voluntary work
    • youth exchanges
  • development of innovative methods and tools
    • digital tools
    • video tools
    • manuals
    • IT-transformation-service
  • operational support
    • empirical research
    • strategic documents
    • fund-raising
    • project management